Completing a National Register Nomination

Please contact the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) staff, if you have any questions or would like any assistance with the nomination. If there is a Certified Local Government (CLG) for the area, they too can provide support.

To begin the nomination process, complete the Wyoming Field Architectural Survey. Visit the property and describe its architectural and physical appearance (see describe a building). You will use this information to complete the National Register Nomination Form.

Describe a building
Architectural Elements PDF Document
Glossary of Architectural Terms PDF Document
Describing Wyoming's Historic Buildings PDF Document

National Register Bulletins
The bulletins, published by the National Park Service, provide guidance for completing the Nomination Forms. The above link provides a comprehensive list of bulletins; however, here is a suggested list.

In addition to the Nomination Form, the Wyoming SHPO requires these forms be submitted as well.
Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources