National Register of Historic Places

Sage Creek Station Site

Carbon County

Date Added to Register

Wednesday, December 06, 1978

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Sage Creek Station was in the 1860s one of thirty-one stopping points or waystations in Wyoming along the Overland Trail, the major western transportation route in the United States between the years 1862-1869. Sage Creek Station was much like the two stations just west of it built by Robert Foote of Fort Halleck at a cost of about $750 apiece. It is purported to have been built of logs and had an adobe fireplace and a pole and dirt roof. Indications of a foundation of the building is all that remains of the station. Twenty or thirty yards east of the station and on the north bank of Sage Creek was a well, today only a shallow depression in the ground. Some ashes may be found at the station site, indicating that the station was burned at least once. Records show that it was burned on June 8, 1865. It is probable, however, that some sort of station was built again at the site before the abandonment of the Overland Trail as a mail route.

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