National Register of Historic Places

Devils Tower Entrance Station

Crook County

Date Added to Register

Monday, July 24, 2000

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The Entrance Station is a small rectangular one-story log building set on a sandstone foundation located just inside the monument boundary. The design of the structure is based on plans drawn up by the National Park Service Landscape Division in 1933 for the Caretaker's Cabin at Aspenglen Campground, Rocky Mountain National Park (since removed). In 1939 the NPS Branch of Plans and Design drew site plans for the Entrance Station, and in 1941 additional plans were drawn to specify interior furnishings so the building could double as a residence. The building was under construction from 1939 to 1941, but occupied by June 1940. The Entrance Station was constructed for use of rangers engaged in collecting entrance fees and dispensing information to visitors. It was equipped with a closet, pantry, and bath; a cistern for collection of rain water; hand pump for elevation of this water to a tank in the attic; complete plumbing in bath and kitchen sink; a cesspool some distance from the building; gasoline lamps for lighting; bunk beds and built-in kitchen cabinets and table.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources