National Register of Historic Places

Castle Garden Petroglyphs

Fremont County

Date Added to Register

Wednesday, April 16, 1969

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Castle Gardens is an extensive site six miles long and one mile in width. The petroglyphs are scattered throughout the area on a series of vertical cliffs, highly eroded, rising ten to one hundred feet in height above the valley floor. Castle Gardens is one of the largest and finest prehistoric petroglyph sites in Wyoming and ranks high in importance among other petroglyph sites found in the Western United States. The drawings are important in regards to their preservation, style, variety, and subjects represented. Particularly significant designs include several figures of water turtles and extensive use of circular shield motifs. Anthropomorphic representations at Castle Gardens include medicine men, warriors with shields, and hunters with weapons. Zoomorphic designs include bear claws, turtles, buffalo, birds, weasels, antelope, deer, elk and mountain sheep.

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