National Register of Historic Places

CM Ranch and Simpson Lake Cabins

Near Dubois

Date Added to Register

Tuesday, September 15, 1992

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The CM Ranch and Simpson Lake Cabins Historic District is a discontiguous district located in the Wind River Mountains. It consists of a 1300 acre dude ranch with associated buildings and structures, and a leased 5-acre portion of Shoshone Forest Service land which contains associated buildings and structures known as Simpson Lake Cabins. The Simpson Lake Cabins are owned by the CM Ranch. The Ranch is situated at the mouth of Jakey's Fork Canyon. The logs for the ranch buildings were cut in the Canyon in the 1920s and hauled to the ranch by teams of horses and wagons. The Simpson Lake Cabins are thirteen miles from the ranch near the Continental Divide along the eastern shore of Simpson Lake in the Fitzpatrick Wilderness. The Simpson Lake Cabins site complex consists of three cabins, two outhouses, a meathouse, and a corral complex built in 1928. The CM Ranch and Simpson Lake Cabins played a significant role in the development of Wyoming's dude ranching industry. The Ranch was developed in 1920 and was the first dude ranch in Fremont County. It operated as a dude ranch until 1942, the beginning of World War II. Simpson Lake Cabins were built as a hunting camp. The owner of the CM Ranch, Charles Moore, bought the cabins in 1931 when he expanded the ranch's dude operations.

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