National Register of Historic Places

Green Mountain Arrow

Fremont County

Date Added to Register

Wednesday, March 12, 1986

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The Green Mountain Arrow Site (48FR96) is a unique example of a small number of stone effigies which have been documented for the Northern Plains and central Rocky Mountains. The site consists of an apparent directional arrow, seven or more stone cairns, three possible stone circles, and several lines of pebbles and small cobbles. The arrow is approximately 50 meters (165 feet) long. These rock figures may represent more than one construction event, and at present there is no evidence of when the figures were made. The location of this arrow where it cannot be easily seen from nearby ridges and away from a likely route of travel makes it appear unlikely that the monument marks an aboriginal trail. One possibility is that this stone figure is a monument to a particular person or event, or that the arrow is actually part of a human or mythical figure.

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