National Register of Historic Places

19th Street Castle


Date Added to Register

Tuesday, July 10, 1979

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The 19th Street Castle, built in 1914, is Cheyenne's purest form of Mission Style architecture. Built on the crest of a hill and sitting on more than a full lot, this dominant structure serves as a local landmark. The massive two-story residence is a wood frame structure finished with coarse aggregate concrete, left natural. This structure's significance is based in relation to its original owner and builder and its architectural value. Thomas Heaney, the originator of this residence, was a prominent businessman in Cheyenne during the early 20th century. He owned and operated the Atlas Theatre with great success. Heaney also owned and managed the Tivoli Bar and Restaurant in Cheyenne. In 1910, he ran for and won the office of State Senator, serving Laramie County.

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