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Lakeview Historic District


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Monday, August 05, 1996

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The Lakeview Historic District is significant because it is a cohesive residential area representative of working class architecture found throughout historic Cheyenne. The earliest known structures in Lakeview date to about 1880. Development continued at a steadily increasing pace until about 1930. Construction then slowed, so that by the 1940s, only the occasional vacant lot was being developed. Lakeview is a neighborhood of modest homes originally occupied by railroad workers, clerks, and small business owners. As such, Lakeview is associated with the underlying growth of Cheyenne as a regional center and railroad town. Thus, the district complements its two neighbors, the Capitol North and Rainsford historic districts, both of which feature homes of wealthier ranchers, merchants, and politicians. Many of the same styles--Italianate, Queen Anne, American Foursquare, Bungalow, the revivals--are represented in Lakeview but as smaller, simpler examples.

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