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John D. Conley House


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Thursday, May 15, 1980

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The John D. Conley house is a two story Victorian dwelling of wooden frame construction built in 1888. It is significant for its association with the early development of the University of Wyoming, and the way in which it reflects the changing nature of the community of Laramie. John D. Conley was a member of the first faculty of the University of Wyoming. The University of Wyoming Circular of General Information for 1887-1888 (the first year of classes), described him as ''Secretary to the University, Instructor in Natural Philosophy, Instructor of Calligraphy, Professor of Geology and Chemistry, Instructor of Drawing, Professor of Agricultural Geology, Chemistry and Farm Accounts, as well as Vice President of the University. He was also the second highest paid officials at the University at that time. After the dismissal of President Hoyt in December 1890, Conley served as President (acting) until a new president was found in January 1891. Conley remained with the University until 1896. He was nominated as President in 1891, but did not receive the job. Before leaving Laramie, he sold the house to then President of the University of Wyoming, Elmer E. Smiley. The house served as the home of the Kappa Delta Society of the University in 1929 and 1930. Since that time, it has been a boarding house for students and a private residence.

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