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Masonic Temple


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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The Masonic Temple, constructed in 1914, is located at 105 North Center Street, in the northern portion of Downtown Casper. It was designed by a local architect, Homer F. Shaffer, during a period of unprecedented city growth precipitated by the Salt Creek oil boom. It is a brick masonry building with a raised basement level, one of the most imposing edifices in Casper.

Built with permanence in mind, the temple reflects the confidence of its citizens in the future of their city. Many of the important buildings in the commercial district were constructed during this time period, and the Masonic Temple was among the finest built. The Masonic Temple also represents the importance of the Masons to the Casper community, as its membership was composed of many of the leading professionals, civic leaders, and businessmen.

Although portions of the interior have been remodeled, the exterior of the building remains largely intact with only minimal changes. It retains several notable architectural embellishments, including the rusticated stone arched entrance with radiating voussoirs and keystone and a crenellated brick parapet capped with stone. Due to its size and corner location, the Masonic Temple is one of the key components of the remaining commercial district in Casper.

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