National Register of Historic Places

Roosevelt School (North Casper School)


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Thursday, January 30, 1997

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Roosevelt School, originally named North Casper School, was designed by the state-renowned firm of Garbutt, Weidner and Sweeney of Casper in 1921. The school building brings together elements of state-of-the-art architecture and social change to form a unique time piece in Casper's history. Smaller and stylistically overshadowed by the daunting Natrona County High School, which was designed by the same firm and constructed within a few years of Roosevelt School, this building was produced by the same forces of economic growth and community service. The school was built in 1922 and added to in 1924. It had its origins in the dramatic expansion of the population of Casper during the petroleum boom of the immediate post-World War I period in which the student population increased by 700%. In particular, it served as the neighborhood center of a part of town that suffered neglect and privation, and that was characterized by constant turnover and a transient population. It is significant because of its direct association with the growth of education in Casper.

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