National Register of Historic Places

Teapot Rock (Dome)

Natrona County

Date Added to Register

Monday, December 30, 1974

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Teapot Dome is an historic site of national significance over which developed a scandal of national proportions, involving California as well as Wyoming oil fields and involving high officials of the United States government and private enterprise. However, the dome itself is less visible than the rock for which it was named. Therefore, the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places pertains to the rock which is a visible symbol or reminder of that famous American scandal. Teapot Rock is an eroded sandstone formation located about 25 miles north of the city of Casper in the southwestern Powder River Basin. The formation which once looked like a teapot has given its name to a number of natural and man-made features of the surrounding landscape including a creek, townsite, oil development company, and one of the most famous oil fields in American history. About six miles east of the rock is the southern boundary of the Teapot Dome Naval Oil Reserve; 9,481 acres of land set aside in 1915 by presidential executive order as United States Naval Oil Reserve Number Three.

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