National Register of Historic Places

North Albany Clubhouse

Near Rock River

Date Added to Register

Thursday, July 23, 1998

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Built in 1928, the North Albany Clubhouse is significant as the physical symbol of the community of northern Albany County. The simple, solitary structure standing alone on the windswept plains of the Laramie Basin embodies the spirit of the people of northern Albany County and the need for social order, structure, and interaction so necessary to human survival in any environment. As the only structure in the region built for the express purpose of serving as a center for social and political activities, it is unique. The initial construction of the Clubhouse was the product of a group of individuals united in common purpose and effort. The continued care and maintenance of the building also reflect the spirit of the community. Architectural details on the structure’s interior mirror ties to the land and to each other and the pride of belonging to a community. The building has been the scene of countless picnics and barbecues, school programs, elections, dances, club meetings, holiday dinners, weddings, and non-denominational services, and has played a vital role in fulfilling the social and spiritual needs of northern Albany County’s residents.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources