National Register of Historic Places

Diamond Ranch


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Friday, September 28, 1984

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The Diamond Ranch is located northeast of Chugwater on Richeau Creek. The historical and architectural significance of the Ranch sets it apart from any other ranch in the state of Wyoming. The owner architect, George D. Rainsford, is representative of the many eastern and foreign stockgrowers who came west in the late 1870s to invest their fortunes in the high plains cattle industry. Rainsford was also unique in this group because of his simultaneous architectural contributions both at his own ranch and for his 1880's designs in the city of Cheyenne. In addition, Rainsford set the standard for fine horsebreeding not only in Wyoming but on an international scale, a factor which still influences Wyoming's horse ranching industry. The native stone buildings were utilized as part of a large family owned stock ranch. All buildings are constructed of rock face native stone with simplified ornamentation, a Rainsford trademark.

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