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Swan Land and Cattle Company Headquarters National Historic Landmark


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Sunday, July 19, 1964

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The Swan Land and Cattle Company was one of the several well-known foreign stock companies which operated in the United States. Located near Chugwater in eastern Wyoming, it was one of the largest cattle companies in the country and operated for over 70 years. Organized in Scotland in 1883, with a capital of $3,000,000, the Swan Land and Cattle Company had over 113,00 head on the books when the severe winter of 1886-1887 struck, reducing the company's herd to about 57,000 in 1887. Following this hard winter, the company went into bankruptcy and reduced its inventory and capital, with its herd cut down to 40,000 in 1893. The company continued to operate until 1904 when it went into the sheep business. At the peak of the company's sheep business in 1911, it ran about 112,000 head. The company continued its operations until 1945 when it began liquidating.

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