National Register of Historic Places

Parker Ranch House

Albany County

Date Added to Register

Friday, December 13, 1985

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The Parker Ranch is an exceptional example of an early Laramie Plains homestead. The ranch house embodies characteristics of a type period and method of construction that is atypical for Wyoming and is more often associated with southeastern and south central United States rural building styles. It is representative of a later settlement period in the homestead/sheep and cattle ranching frontier which has made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of Wyoming and western history. It is also associated with the locally significant Parker and True families who have made significant contributions to the area’s economic, cultural and political history. The Parker ranch house, constructed in 1917, was placed amidst rugged terrain within one of Wyoming’s most scenic mountain ranges, the Medicine Bows. Located in the vicinity of Laramie Peak, one of the Medicine Bow’s highest mountains, the Parker ranch house provides an interesting visual contrast to the natural environment’s mountainous scenery. Native materials such as sandstone and cottonwood logs were used in the construction of this unusual log building.

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