National Register of Historic Places

Jensen Ranch

Near Boulder

Date Added to Register

Thursday, May 05, 1988

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The historic Jensen Ranch is located in Sublette County near the town of Boulder, Wyoming. The ranch complex consists of a cluster of dwellings, barns, outbuildings, pole corrals, and barbed wire fences. The ranch is dominated by a wood frame Foursquare ranch house which was constructed in 1918 by Metinus Jensen. The Jensen Ranch is a pioneer cattle ranch which represents the themes of early 20th century settlement and agricultural development on submarginal lands in Sublette County and the State of Wyoming. Submarginal lands were settled late, after the more attractive and better watered lands had already been claimed.

Danish immigrant Metinus Jensen settled the area in 1905 and gradually built a successful beef cattle operation. The Jensens were neither political leaders nor the county's wealthiest cattle barons, but they helped form the real foundation of Sublette County's ranching community, persevering against an inhospitable climate on marginal lands far from the nearest railhead. The Jensen Ranch has remained a working cattle ranch and has been owned and operated by the same family for three generations.

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