National Register of Historic Places

Red Rock

Sweetwater County

Date Added to Register

Tuesday, November 21, 1978

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The Red Rock is one of several curious eroded rock formations which are landmarks located along the Overland Trail in Wyoming. The Overland Trail was the major western transportation route in the United States between the years 1852-1869. The Rock is about 20 feet high and 120 feet in circumference and stands apart clearly from its surroundings due to its color. It is a whorl of sandstone ranging from light pink to ochre to rust, depending upon the position of the viewer, the time of day, and season of the year. The windward or west side of the rock has weathered considerably, as the names which were inscribed there are barely legible. The leeward or east side of the rock is less exposed and still contains names of a dozen or so legible names of passing travelers, at least one of which dates to the 1850s. Three of the most noteworthy historical inscriptions are: E.E. White 1852; Fritz Langer 1862; and J.H. Jones 1862.

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