National Register of Historic Places

Vee Bar Ranch Lodge

Near Laramie

Date Added to Register

Monday, June 30, 1986

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The Vee Bar Ranch served as ranch headquarters for Lionel C. G. Sartoris, a cattle baron, and Luther Filmore, a stockgrower and division superintendent for the Union Pacific Railroad. The Wright family also raised stock, ran a stage and freight station, and entertained dudes at the ranch. Their daughter Agnes Wright Spring became a noted regional historian. The ranch is directly associated with the ranch, rail, freight, and tourism industries, all important components of the area’s economic history. It is a typical but exceptionally well preserved example of the evolution of such operations. The Vee Bar Lodge was built as a home for Lionel Sartoris in 1891. Sartoris was an English cattle baron, representative of the heyday of the cattle industry in the West. He was a partner in the Douglas William Sartoris Cattle Company, worth an estimated $2 million in 1885. The Vee Bar Ranch district is composed of five contributing buildings, the original corral system, and stock shute. The buildings and corral structures are excellent representatives of the rough vernacular traditions of Wyoming’s early settlement architecture.

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