National Register of Historic Places

4 Lazy F Ranch

Grand Teton National Park

Date Added to Register

Monday, April 23, 1990

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The 4 Lazy F Dude Ranch is a historic district consisting of seven cabins, a lodge/dining hall, service/laundry buildings, barn, shed, and corral on the western bank of the Snake River above Moose, Wyoming. This historic district is significant because as a dude ranch it exemplifies the later period and evolution of the dude ranches as vacation spots in the area. It represents an example of complexes built strictly to be dude ranches, not one that evolved from a cattle ranch. The ranch was built in 1927 as a dude ranch and summer home for its owners, the William Frew family of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They operated the ranch as a guest facility by invitation from the family. Throughout the late 1920s and early 1930s, as the Frews expanded the facilities, the ranch developed into a small, but typical property type. The ranch was built to convey the western feeling that constituted much of the attraction of dude ranches. The district buildings all are built in a style referred to as dude ranch vernacular, characterized by log construction with some other wood products, such as board and batten siding, used for additions or in specialized service buildings.

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