National Register of Historic Places

Huckleberry Mountain Fire Lookout

Bridger-Teton National Forest

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Friday, July 08, 1983

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Located near the summit of Huckleberry Mountain, the Huckleberry Mountain Lookout is the only remaining fire detection building in the northern portion of the Teton National Forest. The Lookout, constructed in 1938, is representative of the early fire protection methods and policies of the United State Forest Service, and is a significant example of rustic design employed by the Forest Service and built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the first half of the twentieth century.

The Lookout was used for fire detection for forest fires during the summer and fall months and was first manned in 1939. The development of new fire policies, new methods of fire detection, such as the reporting done by public and private aircraft, and the use of modern radio repeater stations all contributed to the decline of fire lookouts. After the 1957 summer season, the Huckleberry Lookout was abandoned for regular lookout service.

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