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Jackson Hole American Legion Post No. 43


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Friday, September 12, 2003

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Jackson Hole American Legion Post No. 43 is a single story building located one block north of the town square in Jackson, Wyoming. The building is significant for its association with events that have made a contribution to the broad patterns of history in the community. Organized in Jackson in 1920, the local post of the American Legion constructed its own building in 1928 and 1929 and both the institution and the building became centers of community activity. While on the national level the organization emerged especially as a force to press for specific policies on the part of the federal government, at the local level this post appears to have eschewed controversy and embraced all members of the community in its efforts to improve the circumstances of life in Jackson Hole. The building serving as home for Jackson Hole American Legion Post No. 43 has provided a broad range of community functions that have extended well beyond the political and economic agenda of the national organization. During the period of its historic significance, 1929-1953, this organization, and the building where it conducted its business, has reflected the shift from rural to urban leadership in the valley, has served as a central location of entertainment and recreation, has provided a forum for the investigation of issues critical not only to the community but to decision-makers in the U.S. Senate, has promoted the cause of education and library access in the growing community, and has established itself as an eminent, constant, and distinctive institution in community development. Each step of the way the post reflected fundamental contours of the broad patterns of history at the local level.

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