National Register of Historic Places

Leek's Lodge

Near Moran

Date Added to Register

Friday, September 05, 1975

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Leek's Lodge is a log building structured to house the office, lounge, dining room and kitchen of an early 20th century resort complex catering to an outdoor recreation type clientele. The Lodge is primarily significant for the man who built it and who was its first owner. During the 1890s and the early 1900s, Steven N. Leek became a leader in the conservation movement. Leek was responsible for the nation's first great major wildlife refuge--the Federal Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole. In 1924 or 1925 Leek established a semi-permanent type camp for the comfort and enjoyment of his recreation oriented clientele--hunters, fishermen, and pack horse trip enthusiasts. Leek's camp was a success and starting in 1926 and finishing in 1927, he built the lodge and other structures including a boathouse, workshop, docks, and guest cabins.

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