National Register of Historic Places

Leigh Lake Ranger Patrol Cabin

Grand Teton National Park

Date Added to Register

Monday, April 23, 1990

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The Leigh Lake Ranger Patrol Cabin was built in the early 1920s using standardized plans of the United States Forest Service to be a backcountry ranger patrol cabin for horse patrols. It was built on the northern edge of Leigh Lake northwest of Moose, Wyoming, along a former patrol trail into the Teton Mountains. The cabin was built in an adaptation of vernacular style as defined by the Forest Service for backcountry cabins. It was one of the first ranger cabins to be built in the backcountry in Grand Teton National Park when Congress established the original boundaries for the Park. Since then it has continued to be a part of the Park Service's system of patrol cabins for resource and visitor protection.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources