National Register of Historic Places

St. John's Episcopal Church and Rectory


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Friday, December 01, 1978

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Located in Jackson, Wyoming, St. John's Episcopal Church is a one story log structure completed in 1916. St. John's Rectory was constructed in 1911 and is one of the largest and most significant log structures in all of Jackson Hole. The Church was an outgrowth of the mission work carried on in Jackson from 1908 to 1915. The role of the Episcopal Church in Jackson has always been a distinctive one. Services, church school, library facilities and Christian social gatherings added a great deal to the limited activities in town. The Rectory, or Hostel as it was originally called, was constructed under the guidance of Bishop Nathaniel Thomas. Episcopal church services were first held in Jackson in 1908, but with no regularity until the Rectory was built. Afterwards, priests came there not only to conduct services, but also to live. In the early years the hostel, or ''Rest House'' as it was often called, served in many capacities. Many ranchers and dudes of the early days were put up at the hostel because the ride to and from town was too long a trip for one day. The hostel has served as a community room or club room and was also used to accommodate primary classes when the population in the valley began to grow and the local schools became too crowded.

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