National Register of Historic Places

The Snake River Ranch Historic District

Teton County

Date Added to Register

Thursday, November 11, 2004

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The Snake River Ranch is a working ranch located on the west bank of the Snake River about five miles north of the town of Wilson, Wyoming. Although the cattle ranch covers considerable acreage, the ranch buildings are organized into three general complexes according to their function. From north to south along the river, these complexes are (1) Shop, (2) Headquarters, and (3) Residence. All except a few buildings were constructed during the 1930s and 1940s and retain a very impressive degree of integrity of structure, materials, workmanship, location, appearance, feeling, and association.

The ranch originated with the acquisition of two former homesteads, then owned by a neighboring rancher, by J. Walter Thompson Co. president Stanley B. Resor and his wife Helen Landsdowne Resor and was turned into both a vacation home for their family and a full-time, year-round cattle ranch. With its own sophisticated electrical generating facility, dairy barns, chicken and turkey coops, machine shops, and cattle and horse-related structures, the ranch became not only diversified and self-sustaining but by the end of 1950s its cattle operation had emerged as one of the most extensive and active ranches in the valley.

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