National Register of Historic Places

Triangulation Point Draw Site District

Uinta County

Date Added to Register

Tuesday, September 16, 1986

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The Triangulation Point Draw Site District is a large group of Late Prehistoric occupations reflecting influences from both the eastern Great Basin and the Northwest Plains. Interactions between these regions were important in the development of aboriginal cultural patterns in southwestern Wyoming. The site district is composed of a variety of surface and buried components. Artifacts characteristic of both eastern Great Basin and Northwest Plains cultural traditions have been recovered from sites within the district. The sites are moderately large scatters of chipped stone artifacts, ground stone tools, thermally altered rocks and organic stains. Buried components include intact hearth features, truncated habitation or activity surfaces, and strata which appear to be deflated and reburied surfaces. Diagnostic projectile points include Rose Spring corner notched, Plains side notched, small corner notched similar to a Late Prehistoric form from Mummy Cave, and Late Prehistoric corner notched.

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