National Register of Historic Places

Northeast Entrance Station

Yellowstone National Park

Date Added to Register

Thursday, May 28, 1987

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The Northeast Entrance Station is located at the Cooke City/Silver Gate entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It consists of two buildings: a checking station and ranger station/residence. The checking station spans most of Montana Highway 212 as it enters the Park. The ranger station/residence is a short distance away on the north side of the road. Of all of the entrance stations in national parks and monuments, the Northeast Entrance Station is a classic in terms of its classic rustic design. At the time of its construction in 1935 it was considered one of the most ambitious of its type. The buildings were designed by members of Thomas Vint's Branch of Plans and Design in San Francisco. They were constructed as a Public Works project through contract with George Larkin of Gardiner, Montana.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources