National Register of Historic Places

Southsider Shelter

Between Cody and Powell

Date Added to Register

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

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Southsider Shelter is a rockshelter in the eastern side of the Bighorn Basin. It contains a well-stratified record of occupation spanning the Early Paleoindian, Early Plains Archaic, Middle Plains Archaic, Late Plains Archaic, and Late Prehistoric periods. The radiocarbon dates and diagnostic projectile points demonstrate that the site saw human occupation during all five of these cultural periods. Excavations have produced dozens of diagnostic projectile points as well as other chipped stone tools and groundstone. The lithic assemblage has refined our understanding of prehistoric raw material use in the area and local projectile point chronologies. The site has also provided important information concerning Late Paleoindian and Early Plains Archaic subsistence strategies and use of foothill-mountain environments.

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