National Register of Historic Places

France Memorial United Presbyterian Church


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Monday, May 14, 1984

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The France Memorial United Presbyterian Church in Rawlins is historically significant as it is the structure housing one of the oldest Presbyterian congregations in Wyoming, first organized in 1869. The church building, completed in 1882, is one of the oldest remaining structures in Rawlins and serves as a landmark in the city. The building has functioned as a social, cultural and religious center of the town and has contributed significantly to the broad patterns of the area's history. As one of the oldest ecclesiastical structures in Rawlins, France Memorial is the only church in the city constructed of stone. Built only a few years after the Union Pacific completed tracks through the state, France Memorial is an early example of the Gothic Revival style in Wyoming. The use of Gothic Revival features in a church constructed in an isolated Wyoming town demonstrated an awareness and interest in architectural and philosophical trends of the day.

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