National Register of Historic Places

Midway Stage Station Site

Carbon County

Date Added to Register

Wednesday, December 06, 1978

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The site of the former Midway Stage Station is located in the valley of the Upper North Platte River, about six miles east of the river, and about ten miles south of the Union Pacific Railroad. Midway Station was named for its geographic position--midway between the town of Saratoga and a railhead on the Union Pacific Railroad called Walcott--on a stage and freight road that received heavy use around the turn of the twentieth century. Although no station buildings remain, the station site is marked by at least two shallow depressions in the ground, surrounded with greasewood and sagebrush, typical vegetation in this high altitude intermontane environment. More obvious than the site of the station are ruts of the Overland Trail that are cut deeply through earth and sage thirty yards south of the station, and ruts of the Encampment-Walcott or Saratoga-Walcott stage and freight road that approach the station from a low hummock to the south, intersecting the Overland Trail before reaching the station site.

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