National Register of Historic Places

Goff Creek Lodge

Park County

Date Added to Register

Thursday, October 30, 2003

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The Goff Creek Lodge is an historic dude ranch located about 11 miles east of the east entrance into Yellowstone National Park in the Shoshone National Forest along U.S. Highway 14-16-20 in Park County, Wyoming. The buildings and structures of the lodge are laid out in typical rustic dude ranch style with a grand lodge surrounded by guest cabins and support buildings. The lodge evolved over a period of years from 1910 to 1965. It was probably built about 1910 by Tex Kennedy. Throughout its long history, the Lodge's activities have been typical of dude ranches for the state. During its period of significance between 1929 and 1950, it reflected the growing mobility and affluence of the American public, in its quest for new recreational opportunities and experiences.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources