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Quintin Blair House


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Friday, September 27, 1991

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The Quintin Blair House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed in 1952-53. The stone and wood house is the only work of Frank Lloyd Wright in Wyoming. It is an excellent example of Wright's ''natural house'', a residential style that became important in the development of Post World War II suburbia. Mr. and Mrs. Quintin Blair has the pleasure of being a part of the last decade of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture and life. In 1951, Wright told the Blairs that he wanted to build a house for them because he did not have one of his houses in Wyoming. Wright directed the building of the house over the telephone to Mr. Blair, who then directed the contractors. Wright never visited the site but he did send apprentices. The design of the Quintin Blair House represents the major focus of Wright's architecture after World War II--the design of private homes that integrate with and reflect their natural setting and is significant as the work of a master architect.

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