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Historic Preservation Summit

The Historic Preservation Summit, sponsored by the Wyoming State Historical Society in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and Wyoming Main Street, was held December 5, 2008 in Casper. This important meeting was a follow up to discussions that took place at the “Preserve Wyoming 2008: Main Street and Beyond” conference held in Cheyenne, Wyoming, May 15-17, 2008. The purpose of the Summit was to develop goals and action plans for preservation efforts at the local and statewide levels. The State Historic Preservation Office and Main Street staffs cannot act as lobbyists; these entities co-sponsored the Summit as a means to hear the concerns of Wyoming residents.

Nearly 100 attendees of the Summit spent several hours identifying, analyzing, and summarizing topics of interest. The Summit participants included business people, members of preservation organizations, city employees, and members of the interested public. The interrelationships of these groups, whether characterized as the spokes of a wheel, a group of cogs, or a “layer cake,” are critical in Wyoming.

Attendees were asked to consider, discuss, and confirm whether or not, any or all of the seven challenges identified in Wyoming’s Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan are still considered the most pressing historic preservation needs at state and local levels. Summit participants selected one of these seven topics to address in a small working group. Each group defined specific issues related to the challenge and then brainstormed possible solutions. Specific actions were then identified that would be the steps in the solution. Finally, each group selected two of the most important first steps for the challenge. Many attendees committed to working on these most critical action items at the conclusion of the Summit.

In order to concentrate a focus from the seven working groups at the Summit, associated topics from each working group were combined to create four committees to move related action items forward. These four committees are:

Committee 1: PDF Document Green Light Building Preservation & Strengthen Local Community Capabilities to Identify, Evaluate, Nominate, Protect, and Interpret Historic and Cultural Resources.

Committee 2: PDF Document Increase Public Education, Outreach, and Advocacy Efforts & Unify Heritage Tourism Efforts Between Agencies at a Statewide Level.

Committee 3: PDF Document Preserve and Protect Cultural Resources from the Impacts of Energy Development, Population Growth, and Sprawl & Identify and Protect Cultural Landscapes.

Committee 4: PDF Document Strengthen Site Stewardship, Artifact Curation, and Record Preservation Capabilities.

These committees will continue to address critical issues and to develop concrete ways to continue the preservation of cultural resources in Wyoming.

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Historic Preservation Summit Report

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Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources