Compliance Letter

How to get a Compliance Letter

To request a Section 106 compliance letter for a proposed project from the Wyoming SHPO you will need to provide the following information. Based on a file search and our review of the project area, we will provide written comments on the potential for the project to affect historic properties and recommendations for further cultural resource investigations.
  • Name and Adequate Description of Project
  • Name of Project Proponent
  • Project Location (Township, Range, Section)
  • Name of Lead Federal (or State) Agency Permitting, Authorizing, or Funding Project
  • Current Land Use and Nature of Any Previous Disturbances in Project Area
  • A Copy of a U.S.G.S. 7.5 Minute Topographic Map with the Project Area Outlined or Highlighted
  • Project Area Photos are Helpful and Necessary
  • Date of Building/Structure Construction (for Architectural Reviews)

If a cultural resource inventory report has already been prepared for a specific project, it should first be reviewed by the lead permitting agency for the project. That agency will then send a copy of the report to the SHPO with their comments and determinations and a request for SHPO review. If the permitting agency has authorized a project proponent or cultural resource consultant to send a copy of the report directly to the SHPO, send a cover letter along with the report that explains the situation, requests SHPO review and comment, and provides information about who should receive the SHPO response letter.

Send your request in writing (e-mail requests are not acceptable) to:

Mary Hopkins
State Historic Preservation Officer
Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
2301 Central Ave., Barrett Building, Third Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Please be sure to include your name, return address, and phone number. Be aware that it may take up to 30 days for a response depending on our current work load. So be sure to allow adequate advance time for SHPO review and comment.

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources