Section 106 Fees

File Search Fees and General Procedures

The following lists the information we require to assign permanent Smithsonian site numbers and to conduct Class I literature searches with the Wyoming SHPO Cultural Records Office.

Smithsonian Numbers:

_____ Copy of U.S.G.S. 7.5'' topographic map with site plot (can be e-mailed or mailed)
_____ National Register Eligibility
_____ County
_____ Legal Location (legals should describe area of the site in as many quarters as necessary, include the township, range, section and appropriate quarters)
_____ Temporary Name or Number
_____ Site Description (e.g. lithics with fcr, intact hearth, historic trash)
_____ Collections (yes or no)
_____ Project Name

File Searches:

_____ Your Name
_____ Your company name
_____ Your client name (e.g. Amoco Production)
_____ Project Name (e.g. 1-24 Federal Well)
_____ County
_____ Legal location(s) of project (to section only)
_____ Project type (well pad, pipeline, seismic line)
_____ Your project number (if you use them, e.g. 93-WWC-035)
_____ Do you want the results mailed or faxed?


File searches are billed at $30.00 per section (effective July 1, 2003), copies are 10 cents per page, and staff time is billed at $30.00 per hour. If you have a large copy job, we prefer to make arrangements with a University of Wyoming Anthropology student to do the work at a reduced rate. File searches are valid for a 60 day period. Field work should commence within this time frame as to not require the file search being updated. Updated file searches are charged at the $30.00 per section fee. If you are working on an EA or EIS, please contact the office to discuss how to best prepare the information for your use. On these types of projects, we generally customize the information and bill by the hour. This can save time and money.

How to contact us:

If you have questions, or need help, call our staff at 307-766-5323. Please feel free to submit your requests to the Wyoming SHPO Cultural Records Office by e-mail or by leaving a message on our voice mail at 307-766-5323.
Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources