Guidelines, Standards, and Legislation


The Review and Compliance Section has copies of informative guidelines, standards, federal laws and regulations, and other handouts available for distribution. Please contact Richard Currit to request the following information.

Section 106 Compliance Guidelines and Project/Report Procedures

Federal Laws and Regulations

Our office also has a limited number of National Park Service National Register Bulletins available for distribution. Or visit the National Register Publications web site at for a complete list of publications or to obtain copies of bulletins.
  • #15 How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation
  • #16A Guidelines for Completing National Register of Historic Places Forms: How to Complete the National Register Registration Form
  • #16B How to Complete the National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form
  • #22 Guidelines for Evaluating and Nominating Properties That have Achieved Significance Within the Last Fifty Years
  • #30 Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Rural Historic Landscapes
  • #36 Guidelines for Evaluating and Registering Historical Archaeological Sites and Districts
  • #38 Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Traditional Cultural Properties
  • #39 Researching a Historic Property
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