Wyoming Cultural Properties Forms

If you have problems working with the following files or need assistance in completing the forms, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at 307-766-5323 or email Mary Hopkins. If necessary, we will fax copies of the forms to you. Site forms are available electronically in MS Word format.

Wyoming Survey Report Cover Sheet and Site Summary Table

MSWord format; final 3/28/03) FOR ALL FEDERAL UNDERTAKINGS AND SECTION 106 COMPLIANCE PROJECTS Definitions of Site and Isolated Find in Wyoming

Wyoming Cultural Properties Forms

All forms are in MS Word format MS Word Document

  1. identification/ownership
  2. location
  3. national register status
  4. investigative history
  5. property description
  6. prehistoric/historic archaeological site setting topography, depositional environment (*not required for urban and rural buildings, structures, objects, or historic districts)
  7. site narrative description
  8. prehistoric/historic site component matrix

Download the forms

Core Form 1-8
Core Form 1-8 with 8A and 8B Prehistoric Component Attachments
Core Form 1-8 with 8C and 8D Historic Component Attachments

Additional Attachments (one or more of the next 9 are required):

All documents are in MS Word format MS Word Document
  • (8A) Artifacts associated with prehistoric component
  • (8B) features associated with prehistoric component
  • (8C) artifacts associated with historic component
  • (8D) features associated with historic component
  • (8E)historic and/or prehistoric rock art/ inscription component
  • (8F) historic architecture description
  • (8G) linear resource description
  • (8H) lithic landscape sample description
  • (8I) historic structure/object description

Optional Attachments:
  • (8J) TCP description (for agency use only) MS Word Document

Wyoming Isolated Resource Form (WYRIF)

Wyoming Geographic Division Map

Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources