Activity Outline:

All students will be required to explore and familiarize themselves with the site: . They will navigate through out the Oregon , California , Mormon, and Pony Express Trails. All students will then be required to write a two-page synopsis of the entire site. Then they are to write a one-page formal paper on something they learned from the site, and something that intrigues them. They will also be allowed to use reference materials outside of the site. This will be turned as part of the grade for the entire unit.

All students will also develop a series of at least ten questions (with answers) using the web site as a reference. They will also be required to download at least 2 pictures that are to be used somehow within their series of questions. The questions will then be submitted and graded also. I will then compile appropriate questions along with questions of my own. These questions will be used in playing Trivial Pursuit.

As an entire class we will be playing Trivial Pursuit using these questions. Along with these questions I will be using questions that where developed from our quarter of studying the Wagon Train. The class will be divided in two. The students will be informed that these questions are to be used as part of a study guide for the Unit Test that will be given later. After the students have successfully passed the Unit Test we will cooperatively plan a field trip.

The destination of the field trip will be chosen by the teacher (it will depend on where we go as to the funding we have); individual groups will plan the other components of the trip. All students will partake in this event. Different students will be assigned to each task, such as: dates, times, site information and touring times, permission slips, administration's permission, lunch, transportation, lodging (?), chaperones, and other components.

Standard #7 Social Studies – Technology

“Students demonstrate the ability to use appropriate technology to access and process information applying a variety of resources to the study of history, geography, economics, and social institutions.”

  • Grade 11 Benchmark (Grade Span 9-12)
  • Students use integrated technologies to research, process, and analyze, interpret, evaluate, and present information in various formats.