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On isolated Dempsey Ridge above Kemmerer , a number of emigrants are buried. One of the two marked graves belongs to Alfred Corum who is buried along with five or six other pioneersAlfred Corum Grave inside a small fenced compound.

Corum and his brothers left Cooper County, Missouri, on April 10, 1849 in search of California gold. After reaching Hams Fork Plateau on July 3, the company laid over to tend Alfred who had been sick for more than a week. That day, they watched as nearly 200 wagons passed them. Anxious to be on their way, the company pulled out on July 4, leaving six men behind to tend to the sick young man. He died about one o’clock that afternoon of unknown causes.

A Margaret Campbell is believed to be buried in one of the other graves near Corum. Campbell is supposed to have died on July 29, 1848. Nothing more is known about the other emigrants who ended their journey here.

Public (BLM)

Lincoln County, Wyoming. T23N/R117W

These graves can be accessed with 4WD as long as the roads are reasonably dry. Inquire locally (Kemmerer) for more information about road conditions. From Kemmerer, drive north on U.S. 189. At the township of Frontier, veer left on Wyoming 233 and drive north for approximately 3˝ miles. Just before Hams Fork Bridge, make a sharp left turn onto a county gravel road. Drive approximately 11 miles northwest to the intersection with the Sublette Cutoff. Drive west to the grave. The Nancy Hill grave  is about ˝ mile further west.

National Park Service Comprehensive Management Plan
The site is fenced. There is no known threat to this site. It is not listed on the National Register

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