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    Note: Arms was confused about the name of the creek. Fourche Boise is an early name for Box Elder Creek, the next major creek to the west. Natural Bridge is now a Converse County park.


This arch over Laprele Creek was occasionally visited by emigrants on theAyers Natural Bridge 2000 trail, but as the earliest published description makes clear, seeing it was not an easy undertaking, during the trail era It is mentioned in only a few trail diaries. The trail crosses Laprele Creek about two miles north of Natural Bridge and is approximately ten miles west of Douglas, Wyoming.

Mathew C. Field - July 12, 1843: Rode off in advance of the camp with Sir Wm., to visit a remarkable mountain gorge - a natural bridge of solid rock,over a rapid torrent, the arch being regular as tho shaped by art - 30 feet from base to ceiling, and 50 to the top of the bridge - wild cliffs,Ayers Natural Bridge 1870 Opposite side of above 300 feet perpendicular beetled us, and the noisy current swept along among huge fragments of rock at our feet. We had a dangerous descent, and forced our way through an almost impervious thicket, being compelled to take the bed of the stream in gaining a position below. We called the water Bridge Creek!








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