To use this interactive presentation simply follow the links which are sorted by type to sites you are interested in looking at.  You will be able to view the location of the site, ( taken by sub- meter GPS positions), then overlaid on a relief map of Wyoming.  Included is a multimedia presentation which consists of historic journal quotes or a brief historical overview of the site is available.  Click on the map or select the site button to access the multimedia presentations. The photographs and video are designed to show the user what visible remains of the trails are left.  Almost all of the footage was taken the summer of 2000.  The audio is designed to provide the user with a historical sense of what it was like on the trail and at that particular site.   Some sites like Fort Laramie will have buttons labeled " MORE INFO" that you can click to access related web sites on the subject.   You must have a media player  and sound associated with your computer to use this interactive presentation correctly.  Media players come with windows and are also easily downloadable from the internet. Click here if you need a media player.  (or cllick on the Real Player Icon on any of the multimedia pages)     You must be connected to the Internet to download the player. If you don't have a sound card for your computer you are out of luck. You can still view the multimedia presentations but you won't be able to hear anything. Sorry.
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