The digital images posted are the property of the Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources. All rights reserved. Permission to use some of the images has been granted by other institutions. The digital images are permitted for private or personal use only. If images are used, a credit line is required and MUST be included with each image reproduced. Please contact us for proper citation of images. Publication, commercial use, or reproduction of material in physical or digital form requires prior written permission from the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office.

All photographs and paintings are downloadable. Follow the steps below to download.

1. Click on the photograph or painting to bring up the full size copy in a separate window.

2. Right click on the graphic and choose save picture as...

3. Save the photograph or painting in a selected location on your computer.

Please email Dominique Schultes for information on citation and proper reference of the photographs and paintings.

High resolution copies are available from the original source. You must contact Dominique Schultes and we can give you directions on how to obtain a high resolution copy from the source. Click here to ask for instructions on how to obtain a high resolution copy.

Contributing Photographers:

Richard Collier

Lesley Wischmann and Larry Jansen

Sam Trautman

Randy Brown

Contributing Agencies: (Donated images from various photographers and artists.)

Lander Pioneer Museum: Todd Guenther

Denver Public Library

U.S. Geological Survey, Photographic Library

Wyoming State Archives

Wyoming State Museu

National Park Service- Scotts Bluff National Monument

American Heritage Center (University of Wyoming)

Natural Bridge of Virginia LLC

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

National Park Service (Fort Laramie National Historic Site)