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A main branch of the Sublette Cutoff crossed Willow Creek and then headed directly for Emigrant SpringsEmigrant Spring where the Slate Creek Cutoff rejoined the Sublette. The spring issued from the base of a cliff near the head of Emigrant Creek, a headwater of Slate Creek, and is located in a hollow. The descent to it is steep and eroded. During the emigration era, this site was sometimes known as Indian Springs.

At least two other springs may have been nearby during the emigrant period. On the cliffs surrounding the spring, many names and dates can be found. Unfortunately, they are seriously degraded. At least two unmarked graves can be found in the high sage nearby. During the 1920s and 1930s, a slate slab engraved "Oregon Trail, 1843-1915" existed in this area. It can no longer be found.


Lincoln County, Wyoming. T23N/R115W

18 miles west of Fontenelle, WY. Very remote location. Inquire locally for directions and permissions.

National Park Service Comprehensive Management Plan
The site is not listed on the National Register. There are no known threats to the site except the rapidly disappearing inscriptions.

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