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  This grave is located near Rock Creek, outside Atlantic City, Wyoming, on the main Oregon-Ephraim Brown GraveCalifornia Trail.  Brown was a native of Ralls County, Missouri, and was traveling with his wife Nancy and several children to California when they camped at Rock Creek the evening of August 1, 1857.
     Arthur Menefee was traveling with the Brown family and kept a diary of the
journey.  His entry for August 2 contains this passage: 
"Next morning at the point of leaving a conflict took place which terminated in the death of E. Brown.  Buried him & left at 12 A. M. traveling over a tolerable road..... still not satisfied with the justice unfortunateness of the past day, owing all [to] the Women's tongue."
     Menefee never gets specific, but a careful reading of his diary makes
it clear that some of the women  of the wagon train were in nearly constant conflict.  As early as May 24 while still in Missouri he wrote:" Nim [Menefee] and Ephraim coming up at noon. Great joy in camp.  All supted together in mutual friendship and harmony & continued until next morning when a little storm arose between Mary {Menefee] and Nancy [Brown]."
     Whatever the trouble was it continued during the course of the journey and
culminated withClosup of Ephraim's headstone the fight that ended the life of Ephraim Brown," owing all to the Women's tongue", as Arthur Menefee put it.  On August 11 he wrote, " we tried the Boy &  dismissed him from the Train after finding him guilty, thence pursuing our journey, over a very good road. " Unfortunately, the diary provides no other details including the identity of the Boy.
     Kentucky born Ephraim Brown was 34 at the time of his death.  It is
not known what became of Nancy Brown and their children.  The grave is still marked by the headstone put up by Brown's companions on August 2, 1857. 
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