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    The views contained in this file are  reenactments. Absolutely no defacing or inscribing was done.
  The  Fulkerson grave is located at Rattlesnake Pass five miles west of Independence Rock and near Devilšs Gate.  Frederick Richard Fulkerson died July 1, 1847.  This is one of the Frederick Richard Fulkerson Graveoldest identified graves on the Oregon-California Trail.
     Fulkerson was a member of an Oregon bound emigrant company captained by
Rev. Richard Miller that called itself the Plains Baptist Church.  Most of the company had been members of the Florence Baptist Church located near Jefferson City, Missouri.  Seventeen years old, Frederick was the oldest son of James and Mary Fulkerson of Cole County, Missouri.
     One account of the death of F. R. Fulkerson has it that  when crossing the Platte River he swam the river below the crossing to ford the stock over [and] he became so chilled and exhausted that he died and was buried near the crossing.  Another, perhaps more accurate account, came down from Margaret Fulkerson Curl, Frederickšs sister.  [Her] brother took the fever, and Mr. Fulkerson, with two other families remained while the others went on.  After nine days, the young man died near Devil's Gate. Sketch of the Fulkerson Grave on OCTA sign
    On July 14, 1847 Mary Fulkerson, Frederick's mother, died and was buried on the trail near Names Hill on the Sublette Cutoff near Green River crossing.  Though the general area of her grave is known, the exact location of it has been lost.
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