Daily Life in a Covered Wagon; By Paul Erickson,
In 1853, the Larkin family loaded up their wagon and headed west in search of a new life. But how did they do it? What did they eat? How did they survive sickness, and attacks from cattle thieves? Drawing on diaries and letters, and illustrated with photographs of actual objects from the past, Daily Life in a Covered Wagon explores what life was really like on the wagon trail.

Second Edition Randy Brown and Reg Duffin,
This popular OCTA publication describes the markers at graves and sites on the Oregon and California Trails that have been installed by OCTA's Graves and Sites Committee and OCTA chapters. The second edition is greatly expanded, representing the numerous markers installed by OCTA since the publication of the first edition in 1991. The book is arranged by state in the sequence of markers from east to west.
The exact texts of the signs are presented as well as ninety-nine photographs of individuals, locations, and installed markers. General background information, access, ownership, and directions are provided for each marker. This is an invaluable guidebook for anyone interested in visiting the graves and sites along the trails that have been marked by OCTA. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive compilation and description of these important signs that mark the fading remnants of the Oregon and California Trails.