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Pacific Springs, 300 feet lower than South Pass, appear in a valley just to west as an extensivePacific Springs marsh in a bleak, dry landscape. This, the first good water west of South Pass, provided the emigrants their first encounter with what J. Goldsborough Bruff called "the fountain source of the Pacific streams…" Clayton’s Guide recorded that there was an "abundance of grass any where for a mile. Good water, and plenty of Wild Sage for fuel." He called it a "pretty good place to camp" but warned that it was not a good crossing. "After you leave here you will find a good road but very little water." Several graves are known to exist in this area.

In the 1860s, a stage and Pony Express station existed in this area, probably near the Halter and Flick Ranch. It was apparently burned by the Indians in 1862. Its exact location is unknown. The springs has also been a vital source of water for area ranchers.


Fremont County, Wyoming. T27N/R102W

About 2.7 miles west of South Pass on the Oregon Trail. This short hike from South Pass to Pacific Springs is one of the most rewarding recreations of the emigrant experience to be found in the state.

National Park Service Comprehensive Management Plan
There are no known threats to the area. The site is not listed on the National Register.

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