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  Just west of Willow Springs, the emigrants began climbing a low ridge known as Prospect Swale on Prospect HillHill.From here, the emigrantscaught their first glimpse of the Sweetwater Valley, their "prospect." Beyond that, the emigrants could see the Pedro, Shirley, Seminoe, and Ferris Mountains(below). The route climbs four hundred feet in about one mile. This required steady exertion, very trying for humans and especially for their draft animals.
    From the summit of Prospect Hill, now known as Ryan Hill, you can clearly see the wagon ruts immediately to the north and west. Looking east, the route can be seen back to the North Platte and Casper Mountain. Emigrants frequently described this area as rugged and barren, but there was adequate grass for forage and sage for fires. Wildlife was also abundant.

OwnershipView at the summit of Prospect Hill
Public (BLM)

Natrona County, Wyoming. T31N/R83W
Approximately 16 miles southwest of the intersection of Poison Spring Road and County Road 319 (Oregon Trail Road). Summit is approximately 1.5 miles southwest of Willow Springs.

National Park Service Comprehensive Management Plan
A small BLM interpretive park exists at the summit of Prospect Hill. It includes four interpretive panels. The area is threatened by mineral development. It is not listed on the National Register.

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