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  " Our camp at the Red Buttes was pleasantly located on the broad grassy bottoms of the Platte,1870 photograph by William Henry Jackson in a sort of amphitheatre , with the red beds rising to a great elevation all around.  The Red Buttes are so called from the high ridges, or groups of ridges, on the south side of the Platte, their basset edges bearing eastward toward our camp, and of a bright brick red in color. As we approached them from the east, in the afternoon, the rays of the setting sun greatly heighten their effect and bring them out in strong relief, so that we can readily see why they have been such prominent landmarks, and have so long attracted the attention of the traveler." (William Henry Jackson)

National Park Service Comprehensive Management Plan
Open pit gravel mines have been proposed in the Red Buttes region but, so far, local Closup of the Red Buttesopposition has stopped them. The site is not listed on the National Register.


Natrona County, Wyoming.

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